Taylor’s University Business School

Social Enterprise Project

Taylor’s University Business School collaborated with Projek57 on a social enterprise project.

Between September until November 2016, 242 business school students divided into 10 teams, participated in the project with the following objectives:
(a) promote the message of a united Malaysia;
(b) give the students real life business start-up experience;
(c) give the students a social enterprise experience;
(d) promote teamwork amongst the students;
(e) raise funds for the beneficiaries of their choice.

To achieve these objectives, each team of students was given a business challenge to prepare a business plan; pitch the business plan to a panel of judges; execute the business plan, conduct an impact survey along the theme of whether there is hope in Malaysia and how we can contribute to the unity movement; and finally, prepare a video of their journey through the project.

To encourage the students, cash prizes were awarded for the following categories:
(a) RM 3,000 for the overall winner of the business challenge;
(b) RM 1,500 for the 1st runner-up;
(c) RM 1,000 for best social media strategy and execution;
(d) RM 1,000 for best video;
(e) RM 500 for most transformed team.
The overall winner then donated the entire amount of their cash prize of RM 3,000 to Fugee School.

Students’ Videos

Videos of the journey undertaken by the team which won the Best Video award. Witness how the Taylor’s Business School students in turn, impacted secondary school students from 2 schools.

Testimonials by Taylor’s University